united states Cartoons

Taliban Take Off
Exit Wound
Obama Library
Freedumb ER
The Jeopardy
Biden's Taliban Deal
DeSantis Bridge Troll
Eric Schmitt's lawsuit du jour
Afghanistan Out
U.S. Afghanistan Exit
Biden's Milk Crate Challenge
Tattoo Removal
I Told You So
Arizona Vote Audit
Arizona - Helpful Team Player
Fighting Covid and the Flu
Everybody's A Critic
Defeat is an orphan
Taliban Bullies Biden
Afghan Women Headed for the 12th Century
Back To Covid School
CDC Guidelines
Biden Flushes U.S. Credibility
Joe Flushes U.S. Credibility
Blame the Training
Ride Along
Fauci Virus Slayer
Unarmed from the virus
Afghan Mess
Darth Covid
Pfizer approval
Loses effectiveness after six months
COVID wolf
Afghanistan Government Switchboard
Super Joe
Anti parasite drug
DeSantis Mask
Sympathy Card
FDA Pfizer Approval and Horse Dewormer
Science is an option